Trans-Global Services

  Trans-Global Services (TGS), a Minority Woman Owned Green Business; was established in September 2010.  

TGS's primary mission is to provide Eco-Friendly services.

Optimizing 'Highest and Best Use' is our  goal towards improving Earth's sustainability, and reducing the  environmental impact of our growing society's needs. 

 TGS opened its doors during an economy downturn and has grown to provide more diversified services. 

Our certifications include: DBE, WBE, MWBE, SBE, & LBE 


Bus/Car Washing & Detailing

TGS Uses Eco-Friendly Technology utilizing a 6-point Car Wash Reclaim/Recycle Filtration System

TGS serves Cities, Counties, Transit Authorities, Senior & Community Centers

Custodial Services

 Trans-Global  Services (TGS) provides scheduled office cleaning, building maintenance,  floor cleaning, restroom cleaning, and exterior cleaning.  

Waste Management

 Reduce, Recycle, and Reuse

Trans-Global  Services (TGS) is a U.S. Based company doing business to help reduce  the accumulation of waste and to develop environmental-friendly  solutions to reuse or dispose of the waste.

Used Oil Recycling

In the U.S., at least 250 million gallons of used motor oil is improperly disposed each year. 

For every gallon of toxic used oil recycled, 2.5 quarts or re-refined motor oil can be produced. 

Bus/Car Washing & Detailing

Custodial Services

Some of the Earth-Friendly Products TGS uses.

TGS utilizes Eco-friendly Green technologies and products to help protect our environment.

Mission Statement

TGS's mission is  to help improve our environment, reduce our dependency on foreign oil,  generate revenue, create American jobs, and to meet present needs  without compromising
the ability of future generations meeting their needs.